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Goods & bad habits -home, school, neighbourhood

My needs - foods we eat

People who help us

First Aid

Animal around us

Parts of Plants


Counting in Groups

Single digit addition & subtraction

Numbers - Comparison

Identifying diffrent shapes


Transportation - air,water, land

Food Chain

Birds Around Us

Transformation-modes, polution, fuel

My Needs - Clothing

Types of Houses

Hand Washing

Sense Of Direction

Plants Help Us

Animals - their shelter & young ones

Estimation length, weight & capacity

Different Shapes

Double digit addition & subtraction

Place value - 4 digit numbers

Agricultural practices

Means of communication

Solar system - planets & its features

India - states, capital cities

Waste materials management

Hydraulic canon
( air & its properties )

Dental Hygiene

Organs in Human Body

Birds - types of beaks

Plants - parts we eat

Understanding fractions

Making a stamp

Time division

Introduction to baisc operations

Road Signs

Introduction to Soud

Animals - common insects

Pollution - air , water

India - river , major mountain ranges

Plants - photosynthesis roots & venation

Earth is oval
( rotaion & revolution )

simple machines inclined plane, wedge

Modes of transpornt

Shadow projection


Water Purification

Shadow projection

Plants - Pollination

Fractions - comparing & adding like fraction

Introduction to data Handling

Work & Energy

Food chain - interdependence in living beings

Degradable & non degradable waste

Disaster management - earthquakes

India natural resources minerals & rocks

Mosquito bite, structure, diseases & symptoms

Simple machines - levers

Air around us - vacuum cleaner

Simple machines - Pulleys & Gears

Seed dispersal

Rain water harvesting

Systems in human body

Natural phenomena - Phases of moon

Numbers, factors & multiles

Understanding elementary shapes


Introduction To Force

Getting to know plants

Food - where does it come from

Composting - recycling of organic waste

Fun with magnets

Components of food