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Build an Electroscope & a Polarity Finder to detect static charges | School Science Projects

Build an Electroscope & a Polarity Finder to detect static charges | School Science Projects

  • Make a static spinner to understand the types of charges and their behavior
  • Make an electroscope to detect presence of static charges
  • Make a polarity finder to find type of static charge on a surface

The unmoved can move!

Did you know that electricity can cause movement without even contact? Or that apparatus as simple as straws or balloons can cause the phenomenon of static electricity? No? Well, not for long!

Our Do-It-Yourself series strikes again – this time with our very own Static Electricity kit!

First discovered by the Greeks in 600 BC, static electricity is an imbalance of charges on or within the surface of a material – it isn’t only limited to conductors! Static electricity is an important phenomenon that is applied to various devices, a few of which this kit will teach your child to perform themselves!  

The DIY Static Electricity Kit will teach your child:

  • How to make static charges with a simple hands-on experiment.
  • An understanding of the types of charges and their behavior. This knowledge is practically taught with the help of a static spinner; a device that can make any material rotate on its axle without even touching it!
  • How to find the type of the static charge on a surface by making a polarity finder.
  • How to detect the presence of static charges. The DIY experiment of making an electroscope, the world’s first electrical measuring instrument, consists of relevant material that can be used to build a model of this device. This experiment educates your child about the detection of these imbalanced charges by displaying the movement of repulsion between two metal plates when charge flows through them.

This DIY project engages your child in an interactive, fun, knowledgeable and academic set of experiments that enhance their appreciation of the various scientific occurrences around them, build their confidence, sense of accomplishment and perseverance through experiential learning!

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