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Make a model to understand relation between area of a triangle & parallelogram lying on the same base | Math Projects

Make a model to understand relation between area of a triangle & parallelogram lying on the same base | Math Projects

Make tools to verify:

  • Properties of parallelogram
  • Triangle – mid point theorem
  • Area of triangles and parallelograms drawn between same parallel lines & same base

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The areas of geometric figures usually make for easy implementation – a simple formula that applies given values can direct a student right to its answer. But just like all crucial concepts, it is necessary for every meritorious student to fully understand the concept of a figure’s area to implement this knowledge to future, more focused and academic endeavors. The concept of area is widely used in many professions today, and is quintessential to any student with fundamental STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills. With our Areas of Triangle and Parallelograms kit, we attempt to explain the concept of area in plain and easily understandable detail, by using various practical experiments and tools.

With this kit, your child will learn about:

The various properties of a parallelogram: By using supplied material and simple instructions, your child will be able to identify and remember the properties of a parallelogram with this activity.

The mid-point theorem of triangles: The second activity’s apparatus will simplify this seemingly complicated theorem into a simple and easy-to-apply practical experiment that your child will remember with ease.
Areas of Triangles and Parallelograms: This activity uses a gridded tool that your child will themselves construct by using provided material, to understand the property of same area of a triangle and parallelogram when drawn between the same parallel lines and the same base.

This kit, in spite of explaining critical concepts of geometry, makes its concepts unclouded thanks to its ability to teach experientially and practically. By enhancing your child’s concentration, out-of-the-box thinking and genuine interest in academics, Butterfly Fields provides educational concepts to children with a retentive, enjoyable, academic and hands-on experience.

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