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DIY Motorized Yarn Making Charka

DIY Motorized Yarn Making Charka

  • Unweave a cloth to understand its weaving pattern
    Make yarn from fibre by hand
    Make your own yarn spinning machine & understand advantages of spinning and twisting

From Fiber to Fabric

From Einstein’s famous energy-to-mass equation, from potential energy to kinetic energy, from little molds of clay to large sculptures that excite the world: Science, in a nutshell, is the study of the world of transformations. Machines, since the beginning of their invention, have always been about making the job of humans easier by using Science. Butterfly Fields decided to encapsulate these little transformations with the help of an educational activity that also provides Butterfly Fields’ trademark: Practical and experiential knowledge!

Our Do-It-Yourself series presents to you a fun and enjoyable project that helps your child’s creativity, innovativeness and critical thinking skills with the DIY kit that makes a Cotton Yarn from a Motor!

First, the kit’s apparatus provides the apparatus to unweave a cloth to understand its weaving pattern! Next, your child will learn how to make yarn from fiber with their own hands! With the knowledge that these two activities provide, your child will now learn how to make their own yarn-spinning machine, thus understanding the various advantages of spinning as well as twisting! By using a battery-powered Maker machine that requires only cotton to create yarn, your child will feed cotton to the DIY machine. The machine is a a rubber-plastic device that is tailored into shapes to make the creation of fabric possible. Your child will marvel at, as well as understand the seemingly complicated but extremely simple science behind weaving!

The cotton yarn machine kit not only contains a real-time applicability that extends far beyond the activity, but it also explains the advantages of spinning, weaving and twisting! With its academic edge as well as practical hands-on lesson, this project will help improve a child’s understanding of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) skills as well as the implementation of an out-of-the-box thinking and a confident grasp of the subject.

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