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Top 10 amusing moral short stories in English for kids

From traditional times, Story's for kids is being told from generation to generation. Even in this modern no matter how many cartoons are there, short stories in English for kids always will be in demand.

To ensure your kids enjoy these short stories, you can diversify your storytelling and recreate the voice of animals or change voice according to the story. While reading an English story for kids, make sure your pronunciation is correct. You can even start with an easy English story. Instead of long stories, choose short stories in English.

How will short stories in English help kids? Before we bring you on the list of the short stories, first understand how English story for kids help in their growing up -

1. The Tortoise and the Hare

1. The Tortoise and the Hare

Once there was a race going on. A tortoise and a Hare participated when the hare started to run faster. After a while, the hare stopped near a tree and looked back. He couldn't find the tortoise anywhere near him. He thought that the tortoise was lagging. So he started to sleep under the tree. When he woke up, he couldn't see the tortoise. He started to run again towards the final point. But when he got there, he was surprised. The race was already finished. The tortoise has reached there before him. The tortoise has won the game, even if he was the slowest one.

Moral: Your speed doesn't matter. Start slow. But keep on going.

2. The Bear and Two Friends

2. The Bear and Two Friends

One day two friends were passing through a jungle. Out of a sudden, a bear appeared. One of the two friends quickly climbed the tree nearby. But the second friend did not know how to Climb a Tree. He was startled. The bear slowly approached him. But suddenly, he remembered that the bear did not touch the dead bodies. He lay down breathless and closed his eyes. The beer started to sniff around him and left the place. Then the first friend came down and asked the second friend what the bear had whispered to his ears. The second friend said the beer advised him not to make friends with selfish people post.

Moral: if your friend leaves you in the middle of trouble, he is not your true friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

3. The Golden Eggs

A farmer once had a magical goose. Every day that goose would lay one golden egg. He used to sell that golden egg in the market. But one day, he thought there must be more. So the next day, he took a knife and cut its belly. But there was no egg.

Moral: Greed can lead to great loss.

4.The Fox and The Stork

The Fox and The Stork.

One day the fox invited the stock to his house. He served the soup in bowls for both of them. It was easy for him, but the stock could not eat the food properly because of his beak. The stock ok was angry, but it did not say anything. The next day the stock invited the fox. He also prepared the soup. But he put the soup in a vas. It was hard for the fox this time because the vas had a narrower neck, and the fox could reach.

Moral: do not ill-treat someone. It will always come back to you.

5. The Thirsty Crow

On a summer afternoon, a crow felt thirsty. She looked here and there but could not find a single drop of water. After a long time, she found a pitcher. There were few drops of water inside this. But the crow could not reach that water. She started to feel more thirsty. She again looked at her surroundings and found some pebbles nearby. So she took the pebbles one by one and started to drop them inside the pitcher. Then water level started to increase. When she finally dropped all the pebbles, the water level reached her. She drank the water and queen hard thirst.

Moral: Never lose hope easily. If you have the will, you will find a way.

6. The Boy Who Cried, Wolf

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a village. He was naughty and always caused trouble for the villagers. One day he failed bore. To make the villagers he started to cry "Wolf!/Wolf! Save me". When the villagers rushed towards him, he started to laugh at them. He repeated the same. Again the people came. When they found the Boy was joking, they got angry and scolded him. But the next day, the Wolf came. They started to cry, " Wolf! Wolf! Please save me." But this time people thought he was joking and none helped him.

Moral: Do not lie and make fun of others. You will lose their trust.

7. The Honest Woodcutter

One day a woodcutter went to a forest to cut wood. When he was cutting a tree near the river, suddenly his axe fell into the river. It was his only tool to make his living. He sat near the river and started to cry. God noticed this and appeared there. He asked the woodcutter, "Why are you crying"?". The Woodcutter replied, " I've lost my axe." Then God showed him a golden axe and asked questions," Is this your axe?". woodcutter replied no. Then God showed him a silver axe and asked, "Is this yours?" He again replied no. Finally, God showed him his wooden axe. The woodcutter smiled and said, " Yes. It is my axe." God was pleased with his honesty. He gifted him all three axes.

Moral: Honesty is the best policy. Never be dishonest and greedy.

8. The foolish dog

One day a dog stole a piece of meat from a market and ran away. He reached a stream nearby. When he was crossing the bridge, he looked down. He found his shadow. But he thought, there's another dog, and he had another piece of meat. If he could get that piece, he would get two pieces. So he shouted at his own shadow. But when he opened his mouth to shout, the piece of meat fell into the stream. And he lost the piece of meat.

Moral: Be pleased with what you already have.

9. The fox and The Grapes

A fox saw ripe grapes. He tried to jump to reach them but could not. Then he said, " Who eats grapes? Grapes are sour."

Moral: When we can not get something we want, we pretend we don't like it.

10. The ant and the Grasshopper

There lived an ant and a grasshopper. The ant was a hard worker. But the grasshopper was lazy. In summer days, he carried the food and saved for the future. When the winter came, the grasshopper asked the ant for some food. Then the ant asked, " What were you doing in summer instead of collecting the food?" The grasshopper said, "I was singing in the beautiful summer." The ant replied, "I have enough only for my family and me. Now go and dance in the winter."

Moral: Save for your hard times.

Short stories in English are not only entertaining, or it is not only meant to put your kids to sleep. When your kids grow up listening to English story for kids, especially short stories with morals, it helps them become better human beings. Not only rely on short stories in English that are only available in textbooks. There are plenty of other resources to choose a good English story for kids. Pick one accordingly and start reading to your kids or help your kids to read.


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