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IIT-JEE foundation kit

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Want to understand and learn the concepts of Light Shadows Reflection? Science is fun and is made easy by applications of science in real life. Science Project Idea on the laws by:

  • Making a pinhole camera to understand how a pinhole camera works :
    • Rectilinear propagation of light
    • Formation of an image on the screen when light passes through a pinhole
  • Also, refer to our free Light, Shadow & ReflectionCourse to learn the concepts of light and its properties!

Want to teach the concepts of Magnetism to students / kids? Science is fun and is made easy by applications of science in real life.

How Mag Lev, Magnetic Levitation Trains Work?

Science Project Ideas on the concepts of Magnetism

  • Test materials and categorize them into magnetic and non-magnetic materials
  • Make a pencil / pen magnet float in air & understand poles of a magnet & their behavior
  • Make a pencil levitation model to understand:
    • Poles of a ring & solid magnets
    • Application of magnets in real life - Maglev trains.
  • Make a Magnetic Follower that traces the boundary of a clip of any shape using magnetic induction
Also, refer to our Fun with Magnets Coursethat will teach you about the Magnets and its properties.
  • OPTICS STEM Toys for Kids 10 years 11 12 years Boys and Girls - Optics Physics STEM Kit - Make a PROJECTOR - Children, by default, love projectors. Favourite form of entertainment on the big screen, and their functioning is fascinating to even look at. But honestly, how are they made? I’m sure this question has scratched the back of every inquisitive mind – which almost every child possesses!
  • Optics DIY Kits for kids PROJECTOR Toy Gift - Creative Educational Aid for 10+ Years - Allow your child to develop a sharp focus, determination and a strong understanding and appreciation of the Science around them with our Physics kit Light – Image and Object.
  • Made in India Toys for Kids - Make & Learn - Creative Learning Aid to Know Properties of Convex Concave Mirrors & Lens- Children get to make a Ray Optics Setup to learn and understand – a) Properties of convex and concave mirrors i.e., Diverging and Converging b) Properties of image formed by a plane mirror c) What an object, image and screen are! d) How to Capture an image on the screen using a biconvex lens.

Make an electromagnetic crane understand:

• Magnetic effects of Electric current - Electromagnetism

• Real-life applications of Electromagnetism

• Dependence of electromagnetic strength on a number of turns, batteries, and material used as core.

Make a simple electric circuit using Nichrome wire to understand about heating effects of electric current.

Make a multiple reflection unit to understand:

  • Laws of reflection
  • Number of images formed between 2 mirrors placed at an angle

Make an activity “Bird in a cage” to understand the persistence of vision



• Make a hydraulic disc brake system & understand its working

• Make a friction feed model to see how rollers in printers work
to move the paper

• Use lubricants (grease, powder) to see how they reduce friction
between surfaces

• Learn how ball bearings reduce friction by converting sliding
friction to rolling friction

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current - DC Motor

* Make a straight conductor and observe its magnetic effect on a compass

* Make a circular conductor and observe its magnetic effect on a compass

* Make a solenoid and find the direction of magnetic field in and around it using a compass

* Make a working model of a DC motor and understand its working

Work & Energy

Make a trebuchet to understand:

• Factors affecting gravitational potential energy possessed by an object due to its position

• Factors affecting elastic potential energy possessed
by an object as a result of deformation

• Potential and kinetic energy and their interconversion.

• Law of conservation of energy

Brand Butterfly Edufields
Product Generic Name IIT-JEE foundation kit
Mfg / Mktd / Packed by Butterfly Edufields Pvt Ltd, Office 507, Amsri Eden Square, Secunderabad 500003.
Educational Objective(s) STEM
Manufacturer recommended age 10+
Country of Origin India
Language English
Commodity / Colour Multicolour
Month, Year of Mfg 2022
1 U Contains Required Components to Assemble final product & Play further.
MRP ( Incl. of all Taxes ) Rs. 3592
Manufacturer Details Butterfly Edufields Pvt Ltd, Office 507, Amsri Eden Square, Secunderabad 500003.
Customer Care Contact no. 6304416587
Customer Care Emai id connect@butterflyfields.com
BIS Certified Yes
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IIT-JEE foundation kit

Rs. 3,592.00 Rs. 3,233.00