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Magnetic Levitation & Tracer

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Super Cool Experiments using Magnets School Science Projects

It is one of the super cool and exciting science project for children. Children get thrilled when they see a pencil levitating in air using the repulsive power of magnets. Its a must do project for children to develop interest towards science. Attraction and repulsion between magnets, balancing of forces are the concepts covered in this activity.

Magnets are fun!

We all love magnets – as little kids we stumbled upon them and played with them for tireless hours, as children we got to study about them in our curriculum (lucky!), and you will be surprised to know even scientists love magnets – geniuses that implemented magnetic materials and their properties to invent the super-fast bullet trains in China, the super-huge cranes that carry metallic loads in construction sites, the super-loud speakers in evening parties! But most importantly, they all started with the basics – the same of which this activity teaches in detail!

In this activity:

The differences between magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials are explained – from how attracted magnets are to them!

Magnets are two-faced – and only the different poles of two different magnets attract each other – this activity explains the same practically to mark similar sides by using stickers!

The super-fast bullet trains run on a property known as magnetic levitation – this cool property is implementable this cool property to make a pencil levitate and rotate endlessly mid-air!

You will get to make your own magnetic material tracer: with a little air and a magnetic material, learn to trace any shape you want! It is impossible to disagree after these hands-on activities: magnets are just as fun as they are educational!

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