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Super Exciting, Innovative and Creative Science Projects for 5 to 15 year old

Understand how does a Virus Replicate? | Corona | COVID-19 | Conceptual Learning with Understanding

Inspiring Story of Vaccines | Corona | COVID-19 | Fun Engaging Conceptual Learning with Understanding

Hand Washing Precautions | COVID-19 | Fun Engaging Conceptual Learning with Understanding


Crossword games and Word searches to challenge your vocabulary

MAN vs VIRUS – For 9-99 year olds

Fun Brain Game to learn Do’s and Don’ts of Corona

Download Game

CORONA KILLER – Bluff Game – For 4-99 year olds

Hone your detective skills when the rest use their deception skills

Download Game

Build Electromagnetic Crane, Amazing Science Projects | Science Working Model

Working of Human ear | Sound Science Project

Working model to understand Phases of Moon | DIY Science Projects

Understand Bulge of Earth using a working model School Science Projects

Super Cool Experiments using Magnets School Science Projects

Simple Experiments using AIR | DIY Science Projects

Build Hydraulic Jack & Projectile Launcher | DIY Science Projects

Build Mini Vacuum Cleaner – Contribute to Swachh Bharat | DIY Science Projects

Build Rain Water Harvesting Science Project for Flat & Tilted Roofs | Science Projects

DIY Hydraulic Brakes | FRICTION Science Project | Science Working Model

DIY Shadow Projector Kit | Science Projects
Make Inclined Plane, Wedge & Screw – Simple Machines | Science Projects

Types of chemical reactions | DIY Chemistry Experiments

Form Hydrocarbons & differentiate structure of Alkanes, Alkenes & Alkynes in 2D | Chemistry Projects

Digestion of Carbohydrates & Lipids – Role of Amylase & Bile | Biology Projects

Make a Rheostat | Connect bulbs in Series & Parallel to verify Ohm’s Law | School Science Projects

Build a working DC Motor to demonstrate application of Electromagnetism | School Science Projects

Make a model to show how reflex arc works | Biology Projects

Play Survival of the Fittest Game to understand Natural Selection | Biology Projects

Make a model of Human Eye to understand its working & defects of vision | School Science Projects

Make a Theodolite & measure height of any object you see | Applications of Trigonometry | Math Projects

Geometry Board to understand properties of circle | Math Projects

Centrifugation & Chromatography for Separation | Science Working Model

How are Ionic Compounds formed? | Balancing of valency

Play Human vs Wild game to learn good & bad practices for conservation of flora and fauna | Biology Activity

DIY Chemistry Experiments – Electrolysis & Electroplating

Make plant and animal cell model using simple materials | Science Projects

Build a model to demonstrate conservation of momentum & Newton’s laws of motion | School Science Projects

Make a Trebuchet & learn factors affecting potential energy | School Science Projects

Recreate Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment to understand structure of an atom | Chemistry Projects

Build Wave Generator & learn about waves | Science Working Model

Construct triangles to verify Congruence Tests – SSS, AAA, SAS, SSA | Math Projects

Making Your Own Spring Balance | Science Projects

Make a model to understand relation between area of a triangle & parallelogram lying on the same base | Math Projects

Compare structure of linear & cross linkage polymers | Compare strength of fibres | Make thermosetting & thermoplastics

Play the Battle Ship game & learn Cartesian Coordinate System | Math Projects

Build an Electroscope & a Polarity Finder to detect static charges | School Science Projects

How to draw Top, Front & Side views of a 3D object | Make 3D objects from NET diagrams | Math Projects

Verify laws of reflection of light | Build a model to demonstrate Peristence of Vision

Compare properties of quadrilaterals – Parallelogram, Rectangle, Square, Rhombus, Kite & a Trapezium | Math Projects

How to Measure Surface Area & Volume of regular & irregular solids | Math Projects

Demonstrate working of valves in the human heart | School Science Projects

Demonstrate convection currents & Compare rate of conduction of heat in different metals | School Science Projects

Make Silk thread from Cocoons

How to draw Top, Front & Side views of a 3D object | Make 3D objects from NET diagrams | Math Projects

Build a rain guage to measure rainfall | School Science Projects

Find direction and speed of wind by making a Wind Vane & Anemometer | School Science Projects

Make a Simple Pendulum & find factors affecting its time period | School Science Projects

Build mini Projector and a model to demonstrate reflection of light in curved mirrors | Light experiments

Make a simple tool for comparing quantities represented in Fractions, Decimals & Percentages | Math Projects

Make a model to prove Pythagoras Theorem | Math Projects

Play the Exponent Saga board game & learn the laws of exponents | Math Projects

Make a model to find order & degree of rotational symmetry | Math Projects

Build Working Model to Separate a Mixture | Cool Chemistry Experiments

Food Tests for presence of Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins | DIY Science Experiments

DIY Motorized Yarn Making Charka

How to make Ball & Socket and hinge joint | Biology Projects

Build a car & add mechanisms to show different types of motion | School Science Projects

Build Periscope & Pinhole Camera | School Science Projects

Junior Electricity kit – Conductors & Insulators

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