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Play the Battle Ship game & learn Cartesian Coordinate System | Math Project

Play the Battle Ship game & learn Cartesian Coordinate System | Math Projects

  • Rock your brains with challenging exercises to establish the need for co-ordinate system
  • Play the battleship game to practise representation of points in the co-ordinate system
  • Learn how to visualize the co-ordinate system – find the point for the given coordinates and vice versa
  • Practical applications of coordinate system

The coordinates to easier Math!

Thanks to coordinate geometry, cartography (the creation and study of maps), scanners, land surveying, locating air transport, and many real-life applications exist! Yet how does coordinate geometry function? How do simple coordinates over a Cartesian plane nurture the existence of so many professions? Because of its real-time applicability and critical relevance to a student’s education, Butterfly Fields decided to come up with its own interactive and experiential Coordinate Geometry kit! Not only is this kit an implementation of various applications of coordinate geometry, it also consists of a fun game to help explain the coordinate system!

The Coordinate Geometry kit consists of the following activities:

  • Your child will get to attempt various interesting and challengning exercises to establish the need for coordinate system.
  • They will play the ‘Battleship’ Game, with its easy-to-follow instructions, to practice the representation of points in the coordinate system.
  • They will learn how to visualize the coordinate system, by finding the point for given coordinates, or studying a point to determine its coordinates.
  • This activity also teaches to its children the practical applications of a coordinate system.
    As an out-of-the-box, novel and fun-filled experience with its games and activities, this project will help your child with their motor skills, observational skills, effective utilization of time, collaboration and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) skills!
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