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Digestion of Carbohydrates & Lipids – Role of Amylase & Bile | Biology Projects

Digestion of Carbohydrates & Lipids – Role of Amylase & Bile | Biology Projects

The Cycles of Life!

The processes of life: respiration, pulsation, digestion, are inseparable entities of all living beings, and without even one of the above, Earth would never have witnessed life. Depending on the environmental surroundings and body requirements, the life processes of various living things differ from one another. However, the one unchanging organ and life process: the beating of the heart; is a process integral to almost all living beings, pumping blood to every inch of the body. Yet to understand the intricacies of the heart, a simple lesson will never do it justice.

Butterfly Fields comes to the rescue again: And with not just a Do-It-Yourself heart model, but even the experimental set-ups to understand the digestion of carbohydrates and fats, as well as respiration in underwater animals!

With the Life Processes kit, your child:

  • Will learn how to make a working heart model! By using our provided apparatus, your child will be able to understand the functioning of a heart by witnessing a dynamic model, thus understanding
  • The working of heart chambers.
  • The importance of one-way valves in facilitating blood circulation throughout the body.
  • By an experimental set-up with provided material, your child will understand the digestion of carbohydrates and fats on a firsthand basis!
  • Will understand how underwater animals respire by using lime water and other apparatus.
    This kit emphasizes on visual teaching and experiential learning to make a stronger impact on the child, thus increasing engagement, confidence, perseverance, and practical hands-on skills!
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