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Making Your Own Spring Balance | Science Projects

Making Your Own Spring Balance | Science Projects

  • Make a spring balance to:
    →Understand calibration of a device
    →Measure relative weight of objects using the spring balance
    Make a miniature boat to understand:
    →The concept of density – mass per unit volume
    →How heavy ships float in water?
    →Difference between volume of the shape and volume of the material
  • Make a setup to verify Archimedes principle of buoyancy

The Science of Gravity

Although many of us fantasize about a life in zero gravity, or perhaps walking on the moon (a celestial body with considerably lesser gravitational force than Earth’s), the significance of gravitation in the evolution, growth and stability of Earth cannot be overstated. As the fundamental force that literally holds all of its objects to its surface, gravitation is a universal force to reckon with. Yet to fully reckon its features, a simple classwork will not suffice. With the help of Butterfly Fields’ DIY projects, we bring to life another crucial concept of Science – Gravitation!

This project consists of the following activities:

  • How to make a Spring Balance: This activity provides your child with the apparatus and the instructions to make a spring balance that will help them understand:
  • How the calibration of a device takes place
  • The measurement of the relative weight of objects using the spring balance
  • A Miniature Boat: By using the relevant and provide material, your ward will make a miniature boat that can be used to explain the following concepts:
  • The concept of density (Mass per unit volume)
  • The science behind the floatation of heavy ships on water
  • The difference between the volume and the shape of a material
  • The verification of Archimedes principle: Crucial to understanding the science behind floatation and buoyancy, Archimedes principle is implemented by your child by using this activity’s provided set-up.
    As a highly enjoyable and giving experience, knowledge through experience and practical learning can be fulfilling, enriching and very educative for your child. Our Gravitation kit teaches them the concepts of Gravitation right from its basics, and builds your child’s confidence, patience, focus, and appreciation of the science around them!
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