Exploring Integers: Engaging DIY Activities for High School Mathematicians


Are you a high school teacher or a homeschooling parent looking for creative ways to teach and demonstrate the concept of Integers - Positive & Negative to your students? Look no further! We have some exciting DIY activity ideas that will make learning about integers fun and interactive. These hands-on experiments will engage students in experiential learning, helping them grasp the concept of positive and negative numbers with ease. Let's dive in!

Activity 1: Integer Number Line Puzzle

Materials Required:

  • Eva foam sheet pieces with printed integers
  • scissors Duration: 30 minutes

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  • In this activity, students will create an integer number line using jigsaw-like pieces made from Eva foam sheets.
  • Each piece will have a printed integer on it.
  • Students can connect the pieces to form a number line, arranging them in ascending or descending order.
  • This interactive puzzle will visually represent the concept of positive and negative integers, making it easier for students to understand number line representation.

Activity 2: Integer Comparison Game

Materials Required:

  • Number dice
  • special dice with (+ & -) Duration: 20 minutes

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  • In this game, students will practice comparing integers using two dice.
  • One dice will have numbers, and the other will have symbols representing addition (+) and subtraction (-). Students will take turns rolling the dice and combining the results to form an integer.
  • The player with the largest or smallest number wins, depending on the objective of the game.
  • This activity will enhance students’ understanding of comparing positive and negative numbers in a fun and competitive way.

Activity 3: Integer Maze Board Game

Materials Required:

  • Integer maze board game (created or printed)
  • pawns
  • dice 

Materials image (remove this text )

  • In this engaging board game, students will navigate through a maze by rolling a dice and solving integer problems on each landed position.
  • The board will have positive and negative numbers, with the objective being to reach the highest or lowest number (e.g., +25 or -25) to win.
  • The game will also feature levels -1 and -2, presenting additional challenges.
  • This activity will reinforce students’ knowledge of integers while enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Activity -1


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Counting in Groups

Unveiling the Magic of Integers: Engaging DIY Activities for High School Math Explorers!
By engaging in these hands-on activities, students will develop a deeper understanding of the concept of Integers – Positive & Negative. These interactive experiments will make learning fun and memorable, helping students grasp the fundamental concepts with ease. Encourage them to actively participate, solve problems, and discuss their findings throughout the activities. Happy teaching and exploring the world of integers!

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