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    DIY 3D hologram | Visualising solid shapes | Math project kit

    Rs. 449.00

    Visualising Solid Shapes Visualize 3D shapes & structures when: • Their 2D projections are given- top view, front view & side view • Net diagrams are given (cube, cuboid, prism,...

    Mix & Match Magnetic Costume Fancy Dress Up for boy & girl | Learn Traditional dresses in states of India | Preschool Educational Activities for kids

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    My Needs - Clothing | Human Needs * Mix & match magnetic costumes to dress up a boy & girl in different traditional dresses of India * Know costumes/ traditional...

    Finger Puppets – 10 Cute Soft & Comfortable Velvet Cartoon Animals – New friends to play with and enjoy!

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    • Soft & Comfortable - High-quality soft velvet plush Puppets which are finely handcrafted and sewn to perfection. The small finger holes fit the little kid's finger, suitable for children...

    DIY Triangle construction tool | Congruency | Math project kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Triangles - Congruence | Geometry Make a magnetic triangle construction tool to: • construct triangles with given specifications • derive different tests for congruency of triangles (SSS, SAS, ASA, RHS)...

    Board game | Cartesian co-ordinate system | Math learning kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 269.00

    Co-ordinate Geometry * Rock your brains with challenging exercises to establish the need for co-ordinate system * Play the battleship game to practice representation of points in the co-ordinate system...

    Magnetic number tiles | Place Value - 4 digit numbers | Fun Math learning

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Place Value - 2, 3 & 4 Digit Numbers | Math * Use blocks and tiles to understand the need for place value * Learn expanded form of representing numbers...

    DIY Multiple reflection set up | Optics | Science project kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Make a multiple reflection unit to understand: Laws of reflection Number of images formed between 2 mirrors placed at an angle Make an activity “Bird in a cage” to understand persistence of...

    Early Education Cloth Cubes / Soft Stacking Building Blocks Cubes for Babies and Toddlers

    Rs. 899.00Rs. 699.00

    • Blocks are soft, lightweight and perfect for squeezing, throwing and building. Engage your littlest one with the Soft Blocks• They are full of fiber and foam so the elasticity...

    Single Digit Addition and Subtraction

    Rs. 449.00

    Learn Counting with Hands (Finger Counting), Single digit Addition & Subtraction using Magnetic pieces, Slider board & Finger Counter.

    Build a Wind Turbine & Catapult Shooter | Energy conversion | Science Project kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 399.00

    DIY Wind Turbine & Catapult Shooter | Learn energy transfer, from potential energy to kinetic energy | Work & energy

    DIY Rain gauge & board game | Adaptation of animals | Science project kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Understand the difference between weather and climate • Learn how to read a weather report - understand different pictographs used in weather report • Analyze a 7-day weather report •...

    Fun Magnetic shapes set | Line & Rotational symmetry |Math learning kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Do activities to • Find the Line of Symmetry • Understand the rotational symmetry • Find the order of rotational symmetry, angle of rotation

    Board game|Heredity& Evolution|Biology

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 279.00

    Heredity & Evolution | Biology Trace the body of a wolf to understand: • How characteristics are inherited from parents to offsprings? • Using punnet square to find out all...

    DIY Inclined plane, screw & wedge | Simple machines | Science project kit

    Rs. 449.00

    * Make an inclined plane to lift objects. Observe the reduction in effort when the angles are changed however there is a trade-off - can you spot it? * Also, refer...

    Make your own Kaleidoscope | Reflection,Symmetry | Science project kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Identify lines of symmetry, Learn How to make kaleidoscope, Gain Deeper understanding of symmetry using plane mirrors Make your own Kaleidoscope and understand: Symmetry through reflections in mirrors How patterns...

    Board game | Negative & Postive integers | Math learning kit

    Rs. 449.00

    Make your own number line from jumbled up integer puzzle pieces to understand: Number line and position of positive & negative integers Significance of negative sign in deciding which integer...

    DIY Ropeway & Elevator system | Modes of transport | Science project kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Build Rope Way & Elevator Systems | Learn different Modes of Transport

    Make 2D & 3D shapes | Basic Geometry, Understanding Elementary Shapes | Math DIY Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 249.00

    Make shape of cuboid, shape of triangle, shape of cube | Make 2D shapes & 3D shapes to learn Elementary Shapes | Basics of Geometry Kit Make models to represent...

    Wooden Alphabets Construction Puzzles, Pack of 3 | Birthday Return Gifts for Kids 3+ years

    Rs. 1,797.00Rs. 995.00

    PACK OF 3, Educational Birthday Return Gifts for Kids - ❤【INSPIRES CREATIVITY】Alphabet Stacking Blocks Contains 28 pieces,7 different shape and 4 different colors, Get all the blocks back together ,Use your...

    DIY pen stand & a board game | Exponents & Powers | Math project kit

    Rs. 449.00

    Solve a puzzle where blocks need to be kept in the increasing order of their size, using Exponents Concept Estimate size of different objects using exponents - in terms of...

    jaldi mein jodo: Fast & Exciting Hindi Word Games and Fun Teaching & Learning Tools

    Rs. 799.00Rs. 599.00

    Race against the clock and rack up big points through intelligent letter combinations, creative word play, and quick decision making! Experience enriching and happy moments with family and friends in...

    Make mini agricultural implements | Agricultural practices | EVS project kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Agricultural Practices • Grow your own plant & track its growth journey from a seed to a sapling • Make miniature agricultural implements & use them for Soil Preparation stage...

    Crossword Puzzle, Pack of 3 | Birthday return gift for 3+ year olds | Educational, Alphabets & Words Building Game

    Rs. 1,497.00Rs. 852.00

    PACK OF 3 Crossword Puzzle, Educational Birthday Return Gift for Kids - Word Building Spelling Fun 60 Piece Scrabble Puzzle – Word Building Scrabble Tiles Crossword games for Boys Girls –...

    jodo combo: Scrabble-like Crossword Game, Fast & Exciting Word Games, Fun Hindi Teaching & Learning Tools

    Rs. 1,199.00Rs. 950.00

    A fun Hindi learning tool that provides multiple game options with a complete assortment of Hindi letters and characters. A fun way to learn and develop Hindi language skills and...

    tvaragaa jodinchu: Fast & Exciting Telugu Word Games and Fun Teaching & Learning Tools

    Rs. 799.00Rs. 599.00

    Race against the clock and rack up big points through intelligent letter combinations, creative wordplay, and quick decision making! Experience enriching and happy moments with family and friends in these...

    2D shapes builder set | Basic Geometry | Math learning kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 249.00

    Different Shapes | Basics of Geometry | Math • Make different shapes using sticks and clay to understand the difference between lines and joining points. • Solve a jig-saw puzzle...

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