Science Kits

    DIY RainWater Harvesting | Science Project Kit

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 359.00

    This Fun yet very engaging Project can be used to sensitise the children about the importance of Water Conservation. Brainstorm with children on ways to save water. Harvesting the rain...

    Make model of an Electromagnetic Crane | Application of Magnetic & heating effects of electric current | See working of a fuse & water heater

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 379.00

    Make an electromagnetic crane to understand: • Magnetic effects of Electric current - Electromagnetism • Real life applications of Electromagnetism • Dependence of electromagnetic strength on number of turns, batteries,...

    Make working model of Disc brake system & printer rollers | Apply lubricants & ball bearings to reduce friction & learn applications in real life

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 399.00

    Friction • Make a hydraulic disc brake system & understand its working • Make a friction feed model to see how rollers in printers work to move the paper •...

    DIY Projector | Optics Science Project Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    OPTICS STEM Toys for Kids 10 years 11 12 years Boys and Girls - Optics Physics STEM Kit - Make a PROJECTOR - Children, by default, love projectors. Favourite form...

    Make a working model of a Wind Mill, Table Fan & Water Wheel | Different Forms of Energy, Transfer of energy | Science Project Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 379.00

    * Make a battery operated fan to see how electrical energy can move a fan * Move a magnet through a maze to see how magnetic energy can move things...

    Make working model of a Trebuchet | Factors effecting gravitational & elastic potential energy | Law of conservation of energy | Work & energy

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Work & Energy Make a trebuchet to understand: • Factors effecting gravitational potential energy possessed by an object due to its position • Factors effecting elastic potential energy possessed by...

    Make a musical balloon, vibration detector & model of human ear to learn how sound is produced & detected | Sound - vibrations, frequency & amplitude

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 319.00

    Sound - Vibrations Make a sound instrument - musical balloon - and a vibration detector to understand: • Difference between frequency and amplitude • How to change frequency and amplitude...

    Acid Base Detection Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Age Group 8+ Color Multi Material Foam, Plastic Toy type Educational Science Concept Based Build Time 15 minutes for one time assembling Theme Learning activity of physical change and chemical...

    Electrolysis & Electroplating Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 359.00

    Age Group 9+ Color Multi Material Foam, Plastic, Copper, Iron Toy type Educational Science Concept Based Build Time 15 minutes for one time assembling Theme Learning activity of Electrolysis &...

    Make a mini Water Filter to separate impurities from dirty water | Play & Learn Water Cycle Board Game to learn sources of water pollutants

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    * Build a mini water filter to understand purification of water based on particle size * Play a game on water filtration and learn about: • Different sources of water...

    Make models to explain Positions of Sun Earth Moon in the sky, what is solar eclipse, what is lunar eclipse, why do we see different phases of moon

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Positions of Sun earth moon in the sky, what is solar eclipse, what is lunar eclipse, why do we see different phases of moonMake different models to understand: Formation of...

    Make models to verify Newton's Laws of Motion & conservation of momentum | Law of inertia, Law of force & acceleration, Law of action & reaction

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Force & Laws of Motion Make a model to verify Newton’s first law of motion (law of inertia) Make a Newton cycloid model to verify and understand: • Newton’s second...

    Play & Learn Navigation with the Lost World Board Game | Make a magnetic compass wrist watch to find your direction | Learn Map Reading & Directions

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Sense of Directions | Navigational Directions - Right, Left, Forward, Backward | Cardinal Directions - North, South, East, West | Map Reading • Make a direction finding device using a...

    Make Beaks of different birds - Eagle, Woodpecker, Parrot, Sparrow & Pelican | Beak structures & eating habits of birds | Birds - Types of beaks

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 399.00

    Birds - Types of Beaks Make beaks of eagle, woodpecker, parrot, sparrow and pelican and learn the unique feature of their beaks that helps them with their eating habits.

    Make a model to understand steps in extraction of Wool from sheep & Silk from a silk worm| Fibre to fabric - animal fibres | Science Project Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    * Play a game to understand different processes involved in the extraction of wool (from sheep to wool) * Make a silk extractor to understand the process of silk extraction...

    Make your own Air Pollution Tester kit to see how much air pollution is caused by 2 wheelers | Make a setup to understand groundwater pollution

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    DIY STEM-based science project kit that will introduce concepts of how to measure groundwater and air pollution. Keep your child occupied with hands-on learning concepts of science to keep the...

    Play & Learn names and function of different internal organs in the human body | Organs & Organ Systems in Human Body

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Organs in the Human Body Learn about: • Sense organs and their functions. • Also, refer to our free Organs in Human Body course to understand the necessary organs and...

    Make your own Clock & learn to read, tell Time | Identify hour hand & minute hand, Learn difference between 12-hour & 24-hour format | Time Division

    Rs. 349.00Rs. 179.00

    Time Division * Make a clock and learn to tell the time. * Identify the hour-hand and the minute-hand. * Learn the difference between 12-hour and 24-hour format. * Learn...

    Oxidation Reduction Reactions Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 379.00

    Age Group 9+ Color Multi Material Foam, Plastic, Safe Chemicals Toy type Educational Science Concept Based Build Time 15 minutes for one time assembling Theme Learning activity of understanding different...

    Structures of Carbon Compounds Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Age Group 13+ Color Multi Material Foam, Plastic Toy type Educational Science Concept Based  Build Time 15 minutes for one time assembling Theme Learning activity to understand Organic Carbon Compounds|...

    Make a working model of DC motor, a straight conductor, circular conductor & solenoid to detect magnetic field | Magnetic effects of electric current

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 399.00

    Magnetic Effects of Electric Current - DC Motor * Make a straight conductor and observe its magnetic effect on a compass * Make a circular conductor and observe its magnetic...

    Play & Learn Journey of Food from farm to plate | Know sources of different food items | Health & Hygiene | Preschool Educational Activities for Kids

    Rs. 359.00Rs. 299.00

    My Needs - Food We Eat * Learn sources of food items. * Know the journey of different food items from Farm to Home

    Centrifugation & Chromatography Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 379.00

    Age Group 10+ Color Multi Material Foam, Plastic, Safe reagents Toy type Educational Science Concept Based  Build Time 10 minutes for one time assembling Theme Learning activity about solutions, colloids...

    Play & Learn Cartesian Coordinate System with Battleship strategy board game | Practise representing a point in a coordinate system | Geometry, Math

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 269.00

    Co-ordinate Geometry * Rock your brains with challenging exercises to establish the need for co-ordinate system * Play the battleship game to practice representation of points in the co-ordinate system...

    Make a tool to verify properties of area of triangles & parallelogram between same pair of parallel lines | Verify Mid point theorem | Geometry, Math

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Area of Triangles & Parallelograms Make tools to verify: • Properties of parallelogram • Triangle - mid point theorem • Area of triangles and parallelograms drawn between same parallel lines...

    Play & Learn Animal Food Chains with magnetic puzzle pieces | Who eats who? | What do different animals eat? | Land, Sea, Air animal food chains

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 349.00

    Food Chain * Activity to classify living beings as producers and consumers of food. * Build a minimum of 15 Food Chains using 25 different living beings   Watch Instruction...

    Play & Learn Animal World fun board game to know names of animal shelters & their young ones | All about Animals

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 149.00

    Animals - Their Shelter & Young Ones * An exciting board game on the world of animals to relate animals with their young ones. * Learn about the shelters of...

    Polymer Linkages Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Synthetic Fibres & Plastics • Make a model to test the strength of different polymers • Make a linear chain polymer - OOBLECK and a cross linkage polymer to understand their...

    Make a height adjustable table to see a real life application of properties of parallel lines & transversal | Geometry - Lines & Angles | Math Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Intersecting Lines & parallel Lines Different types of angles Also, refer to our Free Practical Geometry: Construction & Real-Life Application course to learn the basics and grow sharper in the...

    Make a mini Weather Station | Build a wind vane, anemometer & sock to detect wind direction & speed | Make spray gun, apply Bernoulli's principle

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Make a wind vane, anemometer & a wind sock and understand: • How to calculate the speed of the wind • How to know the direction of the wind Make...

    Play & Learn Laws of exponents, Comparing exponents with Space Travel board game | Make a pen stand to learn Identities of Exponents

    Rs. 599.00Rs. 299.00

    Solve a puzzle where blocks need to be kept in the increasing order of their size, using Exponents Concept Estimate size of different objects using exponents - in terms of...

    Make your own Mini Handloom | Learn technique of Weaving fibre, Unweave a cloth to fibre | Touch & feel different fibres - Silk, Rayon, Cotton

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 319.00

    * Build a miniature hand loom and make your own wrist band by weaving 2 threads together * Touch and feel different types of clothes and identify the fibre (silk,...

    Make your own Projector & Shadow Puppetry kit | Gain deeper understanding of Shadows - how are they formed, their length, size & color

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    * Build a model with a light source, object and screen to understand: • How shadows are formed? • Know the effect of changing object distance on size of the...

    Mix & Match Magnetic Costume Fancy Dress Up for boy & girl | Learn Traditional dresses in states of India | Preschool Educational Activities for kids

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    My Needs - Clothing | Human Needs * Mix & match magnetic costumes to dress up a boy & girl in different traditional dresses of India * Know costumes/ traditional...

    Mix & Match body parts of common insects - Mosquito, Spider, Cockroach, Honey Bee | Learn anatomy & structure of common insects

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    * Mix & Match body parts of insects to learn anatomy / structure of common insects - Mosquito, Spider, Cockroach, Honey Bee *Do a simulation experiment of a Mosquito bite...

    Simple Machines - Make your own inclined plane, screw & wedge model s to gain deeper understanding of Mechanical advantage in simple machines

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    * Make an inclined plane to lift objects. Observe the reduction in effort when the angles are changed however there is a trade-off - can you spot it? * Also, refer...

    Make a LED Traffic Signal working model | Play & Learn Road safety board game - Mandatory, Cautionary, Informatory signs | School Science Project

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 399.00

    * Make a Traffic Signal: Electronic working Module with LED’s * Insert road sign flags in appropriate places on the given road map * Make your own signs (Mandatory, Cautionary,...

    Activities to teach & practise data representation using Bar graph, Pictograph & Histogram | Math learning activities for kids

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    * Build a Fun Table Top Spinner working model & apply data handling to daily activities to track time wastage, bad habits, etc. * Represent the data collected in a...

    Play and Learn Composite numbers, Perfect squares, Prime numbers, Factors multiples in a fun way using math board game

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 249.00

    Play and Learn Composite numbers, Perfect squares, Prime numbers, Factors multiples in a fun way using math board game Use math wonder mat to find: Understand Factorization: Factors of a...

    Make a mini Morse code generator & learn how telegraphic communication system works | Make an Evolution Box to learn different means of communication

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 319.00

    Means of Communication • Learn Evolution of Means of communication using Evolution BOX • Make a set up to generate Morse codes and understand how the telegraphic communication system works. •...

    Make mini agricultural implements - Plough, Rake, Fork | Make a water sprinkler irrigation system | Agricultural Practices, EVS Project for kids

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Agricultural Practices • Grow your own plant & track its growth journey from a seed to a sapling • Make miniature agricultural implements & use them for Soil Preparation stage...

    Play & Learn 3 digit number addition & subtraction | Use 10x10 Math mat to practise Multiplication & Division | Basic operations, Math Learning Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Introduction to Basic Operations Make an innovative tool to practice: • Addition of three digit numbers with and without carry. • Subtraction of three digit numbers with and without borrow....

    Make a Denture model to learn different types of teeth, their role in digestion & brushing techinque | Dental Hygiene, Health | My Body

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Dental Hygiene * Human teeth model - Different teeth and their role * What happens to your teeth after you eat food * Brushing technique

    Make your own stamp & stamp pad | Create patterns | Play & Learn basics of symmetry with Smiley Challenge Puzzle

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Making a Stamp • Use a mirror to identify symmetry in shapes. • Learn the rules of basic symmetry. • Make symmetric stamp patterns and learn how to make your...

    Make your own Cannon, Balloon balance, water candle experiment & Learn about air & its properties | Our Environment, School Science Project Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Air & its Properties | Hydraulic Cannon Carry out a series of experiments to understand different properties of air: • Air occupies space & has weight - Balloon balance •...

    Play & Learn representation & comparison of Fractions using Fraction Strips & Fraction board game | Understanding Fractions, Math Learning Kit

    Rs. 349.00Rs. 179.00

    Understanding Fractions • Use fraction strips & fractions game to understand fraction as some part of the whole. • Identify fractions in different shapes. • Compare fractions

    Make a model of human eye to learn structure of human eye, how images are formed, defects of vision & their correction | Human eye & colorful world

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Human Eye and Colourful World Make a model of the human eye to understand: • Structure of the human eye, • How images are formed in the human eye? •...

    Make a setup to verify Ohm's Law, make series & parallel circuits using bulbs & resistors and a variable resistance rheostat| Electricity

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Electricity - Series & Parallel * Calculate value of resistance for colour-coded resistors * Connect bulbs in series and parallel circuits to verify Ohm’s law * Connect resistors in series...

    Play Survival of the Fittest strategy board game to learn Inheritance, Genes, Punnet’s square, Natural selection | Heredity & Evolution, Biology

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 279.00

    Heredity & Evolution | Biology Trace the body of a wolf to understand: • How characteristics are inherited from parents to offsprings? • Using punnet square to find out all...

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