Make a tool to verify properties of area of triangles & parallelogram between same pair of parallel lines | Verify Mid point theorem | Geometry, Math

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Area of Triangles & Parallelograms Make tools to verify: • Properties of parallelogram • Triangle - mid point theorem • Area of triangles and parallelograms drawn between same parallel lines...

    Visualizing 3D shapes with 2D to 3D rotation, using mirror reflections, net diagrams | Make 3D hologram | Learn Top view, Front view & Side view

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 279.00

    Visualising Solid Shapes Visualize 3D shapes & structures when: • Their 2D projections are given- top view, front view & side view • Net diagrams are given (cube, cuboid, prism,...

    Make cubes & cuboids using NET diagrams | Find surface area & volumes of cube, cuboid, cylinder & irregular solids | Mensuration

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Mensuration - Surface Area & Volumes Make different solid shapes using cubes & find their surface area Make cubes & cuboids using NETS & find their surface areas & volumes...

    Activities to teach & practise data representation using Bar graph, Pictograph & Histogram | Math learning activities for kids

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    * Build a Fun Table Top Spinner working model & apply data handling to daily activities to track time wastage, bad habits, etc. * Represent the data collected in a...

    Make a Heights & distances model & Theodolite model to verify trignometic ratios, angle of elevation & depression | Applications of Trigonometry

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Applications of Trigonometry • Make a heights and distances model with an observer’s view and a building, to observe various scenarios encountered in problem solving. Verify trigonometric ratios. • Understand...

    Use geometry board with pegs to verify properties of quadrilaterals - trapeziums, parallelograms, square, rectangle, rhombus etc..

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Make different quadrilaterals using a Geo-board to verify the different properties like: • If opposite sides are equal or parallel • If opposite angles are equal • If adjacent pairs...

    Make a weigh balance to measure weight & bug scale to measure length | Learn standard & non-standard units of measurement | Preschool Math Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Measurement of length & weight | Math Make a standard and a non standard scale to understand basics of length measurement. Make a weigh balance to understand how to measure...

    Play & Learn 3 digit number addition & subtraction | Use 10x10 Math mat to practise Multiplication & Division | Basic operations, Math Learning Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Introduction to Basic Operations Make an innovative tool to practice: • Addition of three digit numbers with and without carry. • Subtraction of three digit numbers with and without borrow....

    Make a height adjustable table to see a real life application of properties of parallel lines & transversal | Geometry - Lines & Angles | Math Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Intersecting Lines & parallel Lines Different types of angles Also, refer to our Free Practical Geometry: Construction & Real-Life Application course to learn the basics and grow sharper in the...

    Play and Learn Composite numbers, Perfect squares, Prime numbers, Factors multiples in a fun way using math board game

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 249.00

    Play and Learn Composite numbers, Perfect squares, Prime numbers, Factors multiples in a fun way using math board game Use math wonder mat to find: Understand Factorization: Factors of a...

    a - b whole square a + b whole square math formula | Circumference of a circle formula | What are algebraic equations expressions | Class 6 Algebra

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 349.00

    Make algebraic expressions and equations using algebraic tiles to understand: Representation of algebraic expressions Solving algebraic equations Converting word problems to algebraic representation Make a 7 segment LED display and...

    BODMAS Rule, BODMAS Rule Order of Operations short form for Brackets, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction | Class 6 Mathematics

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 369.00

    Math is fun with games. Teaching aids for Mathematics - Order of Operations, learn BODMAS rule. Apply BODMAS / PEMDAS rule and practice using a Tool and game and learn...

    Play & Learn Number Counting in a fun way using beads & sticks | Preschool Math Learning Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Watch Instruction Video: click here Counting in groups | Numbers * Use counting beads to count objects * Learn Counting by grouping and understand how grouping makes counting things easier.

    Play & Learn Shapes with Tangram Puzzle | Join small shapes to solve different shape pattern challenges | Preschool Math Learning Activities for Kids

    Rs. 349.00Rs. 199.00

    Identifying Different Shapes * Group different shapes based on their similarities. * Join smaller shapes to make a desired shape. * Form a specific shape using all the shapes given (TANGRAM).

    Arrange magnetic number tiles to learn Place value, Face value of 2, 3 & 4 digit numbers | Number representation, comparison, expanded form

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Place Value - 2, 3 & 4 Digit Numbers | Math * Use blocks and tiles to understand the need for place value * Learn expanded form of representing numbers...

    Magnetic Shapes Kit to learn Lines of symmetry, Order & degree of rotational symmetry | Math learning kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Do activities to • Find the Line of Symmetry • Understand the rotational symmetry • Find the order of rotational symmetry, angle of rotation

    Identify lines of symmetry, Learn How to make kaleidoscope, Gain Deeper understanding of symmetry using plane mirrors

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Identify lines of symmetry, Learn How to make kaleidoscope, Gain Deeper understanding of symmetry using plane mirrors Make your own Kaleidoscope and understand: Symmetry through reflections in mirrors How patterns...

    Snakes and Ladders board game with dice on Integers to learn integer comparison, operations relative position on number line | Class 6 Integers

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 449.00

    Make your own number line from jumbled up integer puzzle pieces to understand: Number line and position of positive & negative integers Significance of negative sign in deciding which integer...

    Make a magnetic triangle construction tool to test criteria for congruence of triangles - SAS, SSS, ASA, AAS | Geometry, Math

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Triangles - Congruence | Geometry Make a magnetic triangle construction tool to: • construct triangles with given specifications • derive different tests for congruency of triangles (SSS, SAS, ASA, RHS)...

    Play & Learn Cartesian Coordinate System with Battleship strategy board game | Practise representing a point in a coordinate system | Geometry, Math

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 269.00

    Co-ordinate Geometry * Rock your brains with challenging exercises to establish the need for co-ordinate system * Play the battleship game to practice representation of points in the co-ordinate system...

    Make shape of cuboid, shape of triangle, shape of cube | Make 2D & 3D shapes | Basic Geometry, Understanding Elementary Shapes, Math DIY Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 249.00

    Make shape of cuboid, shape of triangle, shape of cube | Make 2D shapes & 3D shapes to learn Elementary Shapes | Basics of Geometry Kit Make models to represent...

    Make your own stamp & stamp pad | Create patterns | Play & Learn basics of symmetry with Smiley Challenge Puzzle

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Making a Stamp • Use a mirror to identify symmetry in shapes. • Learn the rules of basic symmetry. • Make symmetric stamp patterns and learn how to make your...

    Play & Learn representation & comparison of Fractions using Fraction Strips & Fraction board game | Understanding Fractions, Math Learning Kit

    Rs. 349.00Rs. 179.00

    Understanding Fractions • Use fraction strips & fractions game to understand fraction as some part of the whole. • Identify fractions in different shapes. • Compare fractions

    Make 2D shapes with sticks & clay - Square, Rectangle, Triangle | Play & Learn edges, corners & faces with Shadow Finder Game | Basics of Geometry

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 249.00

    Different Shapes | Basics of Geometry | Math • Make different shapes using sticks and clay to understand the difference between lines and joining points. • Solve a jig-saw puzzle...

    5in1 Magnetic Shapes & Numbers | Fun Preschool Math Learning Kit

    Rs. 999.00Rs. 699.00

    Improves Concentration, Reduces screen time  Imagine, Create and play   Fridge Play - Unlimited Imaginative Play  Mix & match Magnetic Puzzles Magnetic Shapes & Numbers Learning Toys to Trigger CURIOSITY...

    Jodo + Jaldi mein jodo Combo - Ultimate Hindi Crossword Building Game, Fast and Exciting Word Games

    Rs. 1,199.00Rs. 950.00

    A fun Hindi learning tool that provides multiple game options with a complete assortment of Hindi letters and characters. A fun way to learn and develop Hindi language skills and...

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