Class 7 - Science Kits

    DIY Projector | Optics Science Project Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    OPTICS STEM Toys for Kids 10 years 11 12 years Boys and Girls - Optics Physics STEM Kit - Make a PROJECTOR - Children, by default, love projectors. Favourite form...

    Make model of an Electromagnetic Crane | Application of Magnetic & heating effects of electric current | See working of a fuse & water heater

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 379.00

    Make an electromagnetic crane to understand: • Magnetic effects of Electric current - Electromagnetism • Real life applications of Electromagnetism • Dependence of electromagnetic strength on number of turns, batteries,...

    Acid Base Detection Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Age Group 8+ Color Multi Material Foam, Plastic Toy type Educational Science Concept Based Build Time 15 minutes for one time assembling Theme Learning activity of physical change and chemical...

    Make a height adjustable table to see a real life application of properties of parallel lines & transversal | Geometry - Lines & Angles | Math Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Intersecting Lines & parallel Lines Different types of angles Also, refer to our Free Practical Geometry: Construction & Real-Life Application course to learn the basics and grow sharper in the...

    Make a Smart Converter Tool for Comparing & Converting Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Make conversion tools (Using elastic bands, sliders and rulers) to learn and understand: • Ratios, fractions, decimals and percentages • How to convert fractions to percentages and vice versa •...

    Make a mini Weather Station | Build a wind vane, anemometer & sock to detect wind direction & speed | Make spray gun, apply Bernoulli's principle

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    Make a wind vane, anemometer & a wind sock and understand: • How to calculate the speed of the wind • How to know the direction of the wind Make...

    Make a Simple Pendulum & find its time period | Build a Bazooka car, measure its speed & plot distance-time graph | Make a Sundial & measure time

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Make a simple pendulum set with provision for adjusting the length of the pendulum to understand: • Time period of a simple pendulum and how to calculate it • Dependence...

    Make a model to understand steps in extraction of Wool from sheep & Silk from a silk worm| Fibre to fabric - animal fibres | Science Project Kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 329.00

    * Play a game to understand different processes involved in the extraction of wool (from sheep to wool) * Make a silk extractor to understand the process of silk extraction...

    Magnetic Shapes Kit to learn Lines of symmetry, Order & degree of rotational symmetry | Math learning kit

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 349.00

    Do activities to • Find the Line of Symmetry • Understand the rotational symmetry • Find the order of rotational symmetry, angle of rotation

    Make your own Rain Gauge | Play & Learn with a fun board game Adaptation of animals to different climatic regions, Dinosaurs - types & adaptations

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 299.00

    Understand the difference between weather and climate • Learn how to read a weather report - understand different pictographs used in weather report • Analyze a 7-day weather report •...

    Play & Learn Laws of exponents, Comparing exponents with Space Travel board game | Make a pen stand to learn Identities of Exponents

    Rs. 599.00Rs. 299.00

    Solve a puzzle where blocks need to be kept in the increasing order of their size, using Exponents Concept Estimate size of different objects using exponents - in terms of...

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