Class 6 - Science Kits

    How to make Pinhole Camera using plane mirrors | Laws of reflection | Light shadow | Class 6 Fun Science Optics Experiment Project

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 379.00

    Want to understand and learn the concepts of Light Shadows Reflection? Science is fun and is made easy by applications of science in real life. Science Project Idea on the...

    Properties of magnet, magnetic material | Working of magnetic compass, repulsion, poles of magnet | Class 6 Fun with Magnets

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 449.00

    Want to teach the concepts of Magnetism to students / kids? Science is fun and is made easy by applications of science in real life. How Mag Lev, Magnetic Levitation...

    What is Winnowing, what is Sedimentation, what is Decantation, Filtration, Evaporation, Hand-picking, Sieving | Class 6 Separation of Substances

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 449.00

    Real life examples for separating mixtures, Sieving, Winnowing, Sedimentation, Decantation, Filtration & Evaporation. Learn Chemistry in Fun way.  Also, Refer to our Free Separation of substances Course to understand the...

    BODMAS Rule, BODMAS Rule Order of Operations short form for Brackets, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction | Class 6 Mathematics

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 369.00

    Math is fun with games. Teaching aids for Mathematics - Order of Operations, learn BODMAS rule. Apply BODMAS / PEMDAS rule and practice using a Tool and game and learn...

    What is spinning, what is weaving, what is warp, what is weft spinning and weaving process & differences | Class 6 Fibre to Fabric Science Project

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 449.00

    For the budding fashion designers, Textile industry entrepreneurs! Learn the process behind conversion of fibre to fabric. Unweave a cloth to explore the world of weaving patterns. Make yarn from...

    Ball & Socket Joint, Pivot Joint, Hinge Joint, how to make, Number of bones in Human Body, Body Movement, Class 6 Biology

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 349.00

    Learn how to Make ball and socket joint, hinge joint and pivot joint. Understand how different body movements are possible. • Materials that you get: Foam board - 1 Foam Board...

    Test Food for presence of Proteins carbs vitamins fats | Clash card game on food & nutrients | Class 6 Components of food

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 449.00

    How to explain the importance of a healthy diet to children in a fun way? How to teach the importance of a balanced diet? DIY kit to Do food tests...

    Play with electric components, bulb, connecting wires & battery | Learn working of switch, electric circuits - open & closed, Conductors & Insulators

    Rs. 449.00Rs. 389.00

    Make an electrical material classifier - Conductors and Insulators and understand: • Components of a simple circuit - Switch, bulb, battery, wire • Open and closed circuits • Working of...

    Snakes and Ladders board game with dice on Integers to learn integer comparison, operations relative position on number line | Class 6 Integers

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 449.00

    Make your own number line from jumbled up integer puzzle pieces to understand: Number line and position of positive & negative integers Significance of negative sign in deciding which integer...

    a - b whole square a + b whole square math formula | Circumference of a circle formula | What are algebraic equations expressions | Class 6 Algebra

    Rs. 499.00Rs. 349.00

    Make algebraic expressions and equations using algebraic tiles to understand: Representation of algebraic expressions Solving algebraic equations Converting word problems to algebraic representation Make a 7 segment LED display and...

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