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Have you been ordering products from many e commerce sites? What have you been doing with the cardboards and other waste material? Dumping it? Or trying to reuse it, making the best creative experiments out of waste?

No idea? So, this article tells you the you the ways to reuse the non-usable material. 

 ✔️ Kids generally these days, have become more creative and they hardly invest time to rote things. So, why don’t we give them opportunity to make few interesting projects which can also be called best DIY (Do it yourself ) ideas and make projects and learn at the same time? Interesting isn’t it.

Here are the 5 best ways to make projects and experiments

  • Electric Fan experiment with waste cardboard.

Material required: Cardboard, Motor, battery, compass

  •  Cut the cardboard into (cardboard that is wrapped around online products while delivery) into circular or in shape of a fan by using compass
  •  Now connect the cardboard to the motor which you can get it from the broken electric toy (you can buy it from a local toy store). Connect the motor to the battery, terminals ((+ - +) and (- to -)) on the either side of the battery. 
  • So, you can check the fan rotates. Basic experiment with waste material. This will also open door for multiple motor based DIY ideas

2. Flower Vase creative with waste bottles

Materials required: Any bottle, Colours, Glue

  •  Take an empty bottle and paint any design on it. Or paint on liquid paper and wrap around the bottle. 
  • Use the glue, spread it completely on the paper. Try to place the colourful bottle on the temperature above 100°c to ensure firm adherence to it. 
  • Finally see to it that you make perfect vase and one of the cheapest best idea out of waste for kids pass time and creative for adults during lock-down.

3. Photo Frame DIYs:

Material required: cardboard, Photos, glue, scissors

  •  Cut the cardboard into 4 lengthy (2x7 sq.cm) rectangles to make the border of the frame. (You can also use a popsicle for making borders)
  •  Make one more rectangle (4 x 5 sq.in) to attach behind. 
  • Paint the frame with choice of colours you prefer. 
  • Insert your favourite photo into the frame and place it to decorate your living room. You can make many numbers of frames using the waste cardboard. Seriously one of the best crafts out of the available material

4. Cardboard Home DIY idea with home material: 

Material required: Cardboard, scissors, crayons, Glue

To do this experiment, you need to know the shape of the model home. (refer to the picture given). Size of the home depends on your creative interest and available material in your home. 

  • To do this experiment, you need to know the shape of the model home. (refer to the picture given). Size of the home depends on your creative interest and available material in your home. 
  • Now,attach the 4 squares with its edges to make the walls of the home. After attaching the 4 squares place it on the base (rectangle which is of bigger size to others) using glue. 
  •  Now other rectangles should be attached to each other in /\ shape (refer to the image). Glue it to 4 walls of the home. 
  • Cut the shapes of doors and windows on the wall of the home. Now use crayons to colour your home in whichever design you wish to. Probably the easiest best out of waste experiment for kids. 

5. Cardboard shelf idea for home DIY

Material required: Cardboard, Glue, colour paper

  • Take a cardboard of 7x7 (sq.in),cut into the shape of a hexagon (refer to the image above).
  • Take another cardboard of rectangle which is of 15x2 (sq.in) fold it 6 times vertically into 3d hexagon shape as shown in the image above. 
  • Stick the bottom vertically with glue on the first cardboard which is cut into hexagon. 
  • Paint the shelf with crayons or water colours and stick the shelf to the wall and place very light weights to ensure sustenance and longevity.
  • Until now we have bought shelves spending money but, now we have understood the economic ways to make it with waste available within our premises. Best out of waste truly possible. 
  • Note: Shape of the shelf can be anything you choose but the creative method is same for all.

In this article we have just tapped on the most useful DIY best out of waste experiments for kids, also which involves adults into it. But remember, these are cost effective, Time effective and creative intense DIYs. We can make more experiments which are useful in our day to day lives with same kind of cardboard and other materials which are used in the above experiments.

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